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Tell me more about person-centered counselling and what I can expect?

What will our first session be like?

You can expect to warmly welcomed, and invited to share what it is on your mind. You can go at your own pace and share what you feel ready to. My focus is about getting to understand what is happening for you and your feelings. The session is about you and you don't have to be anyone but yourself.

Can you give me examples of how person centred therapy can help?

It can help for example with relationship issues as it allows for exploration and a greater understanding of yourself and can lead to more authenticity and openness with the people around you.  You can process your experiences and even traumatic experiences including events in your past at your own pace, within a supportive environment. 

Is person centred therapy different from talking to a friend?

How does person centred differ from other types of therapy?

Person centred therapy involves focusing on building a solid relationship and creating an encouraging space for you to reflect and explore. Unlike some therapies I won't direct you, interpret or advise you. CBT is one therapy for example that looks at ways to change behaviour or patterns that are causing problems. Both can be beneficial depending on what you need and also which suits you best. Person centred is collaborative, the focus is on you the client, and it's a supportive space, unlike other therapies that may take a more directive approach. 

How long does person centred therapy last, and when will I see results?

How long you will come for therapy depends very much on you, your participation, and what issues you want to bring and explore.  This is a journey of growth, and some clients see positive changes in themselves and their outlook within a few sessions; for others, deeper exploration can take longer. The sessions I offer you are there for as long as you need them. Our relationship is collaborative so we will always check in and see how things are feeling for you.

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Robb Walters

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