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 Pet Bereavement Counselling

"We should never underestimate the powerful draw of a bond with a being that loves us unconditionally, asking very little in return. Losing this comfort and source of joy can be incomprehensible" Linda Lipshutz

I am a registered member of the Association of Pet Bereavement Counsellors and adhere  to their code of ethics and professional standards. You can read more about the association here

Why am I offering this as specialism?

My animals are everything to me. They give so much to me and have been there during some challenging times in my life. They are a presence in the house, and they give me companionship  However,  losing them is one of life's most painful experiences. I know because I have been there, I have had to make tough decisions and I have had to say good-bye.


I have had moments when I know people have not understood my grief and how alone I have felt. I don't want people to think they are alone.


I chose to focus on pet bereavement as my master's research and how counselling can help and support a person with their loss. I also wanted to raise awareness amongst professionals of the importance of offering pet bereavement support.


I am passionate about offering support to others who need it and I am committed to continuing to develop my expertise and knowledge in this field to provide the best support to pet owners.

What will I offer to you

As a person-centred counsellor I am going to be right by your side as you process the loss of your beloved companion animal. I will support you, listen and reflect and 'hear' your experience. I will provide a place where you can feel supported within a  non-judgmental, and empathetic space to process the loss of your companion animal. I will sit alongside you and hear you as you process your loss.  I understand, I have grieved and felt the pain of the loss of my animals. 

In addition to my counselling approach, we can also take some time to answer any questions you may have surrounding the loss of your animal.

More information on the FQA page here

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Please see my blog - Tails of Therapy for more about pet bereavement

Man's Best friend
Man's Best friend

What did I discover during my research?


Through my research, talking to and interviewing pet owners, it became clear that people grieve very deeply for their animals and often for much longer than they may have expected.  I also found that people can feel very alone with their grief and keep it from people, feeling anxious that it is not seen as 'appropriate' to be grieving in such a way.  They often don't know where they can share it or get the help that they need. It is not often as 'advertised' as other issues that people seek help with. 


Societal norms often limit the acknowledgment of this grief to a few days, yet research shows that many of us will continue to mourn for months or even years after the passing of our beloved animal companions.

My research dissertation investigated the significance of creating a place within counseling when we lose them.  I researched the human-animal bond, our attachment to them, and the advantages of having a companion animal in one's life. I also looked at the impact of grief, its duration, and the concept of disenfranchised grief, when we feel we should no longer be grieving by those around us. Additionally, I looked at continuing the bonds, circumstances regarding the loss, and the role of counselling in providing support during the grief.


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